In the last post: 5 Things to Consider When Designing Your Website, I discussed that your website should be focused on your customers. Your website should be designed so that it is easy to use. It should also contain information that is helpful for your customers and helps them solve your problems. The better you can solve your customer’s problems, the more valuable your services or products. Your website can be a helpful tool to learn exactly what your customer’s problems are.

When we have a problem, the first thing we generally do is try to find an answer in a search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing. Google analyses the text we put in and brings back what it considers the most relevant websites. The pages it believes contain the most helpful information.

Google tracks each user who searches for something and clicks on your website. If you are using Google Analytics, and you should be, you also have access to this data. With this data, you have the ability to see what your customers were searching for when they found you, what pages they visited, how long they stayed on your site and a ton of other information. This information

This information is important for two reasons. First, this information allows you to build a better website and improve your marketing. It allows you to know what pages are working and which ones aren’t. It also helps you learn what keywords your customers are using to find you and can help you find new keywords you may want to optimize your website for. Your website may be optimized for “tour companies on the Big Island” when what your customers are actually searching for is “Hawaii tour companies”. This can make a difference in getting almost no traffic and getting a lot of traffic. You can use this data to do “Search Engine Optimization” or SEO to get more traffic to your website.

The second reason this data is helpful is because you can use it to improve or add to your services. For example, let’s say you run a retail solar panel company on the Big Island of Hawaii. Your company sells solar panels and the accessories that go with them. After reviewing your website, you see that you are getting a lot of hits for people looking for solar panel installation. You might use this data to add information to your website about how to choose an installer and keep a list of recommended installers in your store. You might even go as far as to start offering installation as part of the service. Adding these services goes further to help solve your customer’s problems and makes your business more valuable.

Google analytics is a free service and is easy to add to your website. You can find instructions to set up Google Analytics here. Unfortunately, in recent years, Google has started hiding data for many of its users limiting the data that is available. Even so, Google Analytics can be a great tool to help improve your website and your business and help understand your customers.

Running a business and creating customers in Hawaii is difficult. Design your website so it is helpful for your customers and it will not only attract more customers but will also make them more likely to share your content as well. Make sure you understand the preferences and choose a website design that is a good match for their needs. Lastly, use the information you receive from your website to better understand your customers and improve your services.

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